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August 27, 2012
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2p!CanadaX2p!Reader- I Love to Just Hate You

Warning: Use of Language and Human names.

"I hate you."

"Hey Mattie!"

2p!Mathew Williams turned his head towards the sound of his name being called just in time to receive a flying kick to his face. He fell backwards to the ground.

"You maybe fast on ice, but on land,  you're damn slow." You said with a sneer after you landed both your feet on the ground and placed a hand on your hip.

Mathew sat up, holding his face in slight pain.

"You fucking bitch." He growled, glaring at you from between his fingers. You tilted your head with your evil smirk.

"I love to hate you."

Mathew grabbed his hockey stick from behind his back and swung it at you. You leaned back a bit, barely dodging his weapon.

"I'm going to make you pay for that." He said, getting up.

"Make me you maple bastard." You taunted.

"I love to just hate you."

"Get back here bitch!" Mathew screamed as he swung his hockey stick at you again.

You back flipped and laughed at his failed attempt as you ran backwards away from him, your evil little smile still on your face.

"Come and get me, fucker!" You shouted. You turned your body around and continued your running from the angry Canadian.

With every blow he tried to land on you, you would dodge either effortlessly or just barely. You soon ran into the dense woods in a private park.

"What a dumb ass." You said, looking behind you and slowing down your pace. When you looked in front of you again, you ran right into his chest.

"Oh I'm the dumb ass, eh?" He said, glaring down at you.

"I would love to just hate you."

He grabbed your wrist and pinned you to a tree. "No where to run, bitch."

You looked up at him and smirked.

Then you head butted him.

He stumbled back and you took that opportunity to sweep kick him off his feet. His back hit the ground with a solid "Thud!" and it was your turn to pin him.

"No where to run, fucker." You repeated almost all of his words to him closely to his face.

You straddled him as you pressed down on his shoulders. He glared at you even more.

"But I can't..."

You then grabbed his curl and tugged on it as you crashed your lips onto his. He was taken by surprise and you quickly shoved your tongue in his mouth. His eyes shut closed as he tired to fight for dominance. You just smiled into the kiss as you quickly lifted one of your hands off his chest and shove it up his sweat shirt to only roughly scratch down his chest and abdomen slowly. He grunted from this, which made you smile more.

He suddenly turned over and pinned you to the ground, breaking your little kiss with him. He panted as he looked down at you.

"Damn bitch." Was all he said before colliding his lips with yours.

"Because I love you."

He licked your lips, wanting entrance that you didn't give him. He growled and then shoved his hand up your shirt, his hand making contact with your bare skin. You gasped from the coldness of his hands. He smirked and stuck his tongue in your mouth where you let him take dominance.

A moan erupted from your throat and traveled into Mathew's mouth as his tongue took no time into looking around every nook and cranny of your mouth. He soon elevated one of your legs, slowly feeling your under and inner thigh in the process as he pressed down on you.

You two soon broke apart for air.

"Fucking bastard." You gasped.

"And I hate that."

The End
To put short on what happened at the end. You and 2p!Canada had hot, angry, hate sex.

That is all.

Canada(Basically, since I know it was Himaruya who made the 2ps for the axis and Nyotalia but no 2p versions for the male Allies) (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:

I don't know if I should put a warning on this or not...:? There is some swearing in this...
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